Minutes from All-Faculty Budget Meeting

Present UEC – Michael Abraham, Prince Charles Alexander, Dennis Cecere, Peggy Codding, Peter Cokkinias, Beth Denisch, Marti Epstein, Rich Grudzinski, Danny Harrington, Teodros Kiros, Jeff Perry, Wendy Rolfe, Jackson Schultz, Will Silvio. 

  1. Jackson opened the meeting. Peter made a motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting and post on the web. Peggy seconded and the vote was unanimous to accept the minutes.
  2. Jackson discussed the bonds that have been issued and the concept of the bondholders watching over Berklee and their expectations.
  3. Jeff presented the budget. Danny made a motion to approve the budget as proposed, Rich seconded, and the vote was unanimous.
  4. AFT National will have Jackson, Will, Danny and Rich in attendance. Wendy, Peter, Jeff, Danny, Beth, and Jackson are interested in AFTMA. Rich made a motion to accept the list of delegates, Danny seconded and the vote was unanimous to approve the delegates.
  5. Jackson and Roger Brown went out to lunch to start the semester. Roger would like the students to become ambassadors for Berklee. 
  6. Jackson discussed the Instructor Initiated Withdrawal for ensembles and private lessons and its return starting this summer.
  7. Jackson discussed the ADA compliance and the plans that management has in adjusting the 150 building. The discussion has been going on for 10 years and it is only in the last 6 months that movement has been made by management.
  8. Part-time faculty are being given pending classes that are not being published – how can students sign up for classes that they don’t know about? This is affecting people on part-time 3-year contracts. Also, 57 classes were dropped due to lack of population before add/drop even started in the spring – this has also affected people on part-time 3-year contracts.
  9. BCBS – the college has changed the PPO options without consulting us. If we want to make the specific terms of the health care in the contract, we need to bargain it. Right now it is just a percentage of what the college will pay. The college may be making significant changes to the offered health plan in 2013, through a consortium. 
  10. In our next Union / Management meeting we will be given an accounting of the 2.5 million shortfall.