Minutes from Union Executive Committee Meeting

Present – Prince Charles Alexander, Rick Applin, Peter Cokkinias, Beth Denisch, Marti Epstein, Rich Grudzinski, Jonathan Holland, Teodros Kiros, Dennis Cecere, Jeff Perry, Diane Richardson, Wendy Rolfe, Jackson Schultz, Will Silvio. 

  1. Peter made a motion to accept the minutes from the previous meeting. Jonathan seconded and the vote was unanimous to accept the minutes.
  2. We discussed the financial transition from Charles to Jeff with Michael Bijan as the bookkeeper. Everything should be transferred over by the end of October.
  3. Jackson will be meeting with a faculty member with physical disabilities to discuss the ADA issues with 150 and throughout the college.
  4. We discussed an article from the Globe about the downfall of Higher Ed with a top-heavy administration. We will discuss with the department reps and perhaps share with the entire community. We can let the college know that we are looking at this issue but we cannot control the hiring practices of the administration. Management could be posturing to present a lower increase of faculty salaries in the next bargain.
  5. We discussed office space, management wants faculty to be more present on campus, yet we are not given adequate office space to be comfortable while we are here. Office hours in the voice department are still another issue, there is not enough space for the faculty while every VP or Assistant VP get nice spaces. Space is a VERY important topic – bathrooms in 1140 – perhaps we can call in OSHA to look at 1140.
  6. We discussed the final week of the semester. It ends on Tuesday December 20 – what about the rest of the week? Do part-time faculty get paid for the full-week? They should get paid for the full week.
  7. Full-time faculty have not been getting the breakdown of the retirement package that describes exactly what their defined benefit plan actually will be. 
  8. Rick discussed new-hires in the fall and people on the TRC both in Phase I and Phase II.