Union Notes from Union / Management Meeting

Present:  Danny Harrington, Michael Abraham, Jeri Sykes, Wendy Rolfe, Jackson Schultz, Marti Epstein, P.C. Alexander, Kari Juusela, Alan Chase, David Scott, Darla Hanley, Jay Kennedy, Sara Tomassetti, Jeanine Cowen, Bill Whitney

  1. Jay opened the meeting asking about the faculty evaluation of chairs. Jackson explains the response rate was 78%. In some of the departments the faculty are happy with their chairs and some departments are very unhappy with their department chairs.
  2. Jay wants to confirm that we will begin bargaining June 6th. Jackson says that we will shoot for the 6th. The room is booked from 1-3 for the union to use for prep and from 3-6 for the bargaining. 
  3. We asked about cross registration between BoCo and Berklee saying the courses had not been listed. Jeanine says the link will be updated so BoCo and Berklee students could cross register for a very limited number of courses. We asked if faculty would be involved in deciding about classes for cross registration. Jay says not from a business standpoint however faculty would be involved in discussing the possibilities of courses between the two institutions. We also asked about the increasing number of students smoking in front of the 150 building. Jay is not sure the college can eliminate smoking in front of the building. 
  4. Jackson asked Bill about the completion of the 150 building. He explains that by June 24th the new lobby and classrooms should be opened. The large rehearsal space will be available in the fall semester. All program spaces should be available for the Five-Week program. 
  5. When will OL be available for BoCo students? Jeanine explains that they are working on OL for students crossed registered so that the faculty member will have a complete student list. 
  6. We asked if BoCo students have to take the ACI course? Jeanine says that BoCo has their own version of the freshmen seminar. Darla says that they may combine or have more than one course available for students from both institutions. 
  7. Will there be more faculty involvement for advising called for from the new Dean from Xavier? Jay didn't know and said nothing had been said yet.
  8. We asked about MTEC-111 between the two schools. Jay says the conservatory students are very interested. Kari says that there is only so much we could do at first given the current constraints of the college.