Minutes from Union Executive Committee Meeting

Present – Prince Charles Alexander, Dennis Cecere, Peggy Codding, Peter Cokkinias, Margaret McAllister, Jeff Perry, Stephanie Reich, Wendy Rolfe, Tom Stein, Jackson Schultz, David Scott, Will Silvio and Jeri Sykes.

  1. Dennis made a motion to accept the minutes from the previous meeting. Peter seconded and the vote was unanimous to accept the minutes.
  2. Jackson will be signing the contract with Roger today at 2:00 pm.
  3. David Scott has organized a BTOT session called “Know the Contract” December 13 will be a planning meeting 1-3 in Davis Room.
  4. There are two new faculty members under investigation regarding sexual harassment. We will stay on top of this.
  5. Jackson has started a dialogue with Roger and Larry regarding revisiting the Sexual Harassment Policy without opening the contract since we are under an extension. We should get legal advice regarding this policy, for certain from our AFT lawyer, perhaps an independent voice, and looking at other institutions policies. This should be a college wide policy and not just for faculty. We discussed the policy at length and possibilities. Also, there is not a lot of protection for faculty that are harassed from either administrators or students.
  6. ADA compliance and evacuation of buildings throughout the college was discussed. We have met several times with the administration and we are considering contacting OSHA. The threshold of knowing this information is on administration – there should be training on evacuation and active shooters for the entire college community. We will bring up at the next Union/Management meeting.