Union notes from Union/Management meeting

Present: Jackson Schultz, Wendy Rolfe, Will Silvio, Jeri Sykes, Marti Epstein, Margaret McAllister, David Scott, Mike Abraham, Denise Pons-Leone, Danny Harrington, Elizabeth Seitz, Peggy Codding,

Management: Jay Kennedy, Matthew Nicholl, Melinda Thomas, Andrew Murphy, Rob Lagueux

  1. Jay opened the meeting. Larry is currently at a board of trustees meeting. It has been a long time since we have met. Andrew Murphy is here from public safety. He is here to talk about access policy.

  2. Andrew Murphy gave a presentation about card reader access and building intercom installation and the ability to lock down individual buildings. What about keeping buildings open during performances. Starting in January, public safety posts will always be manned. We brought up the problem that some buildings aren’t accessible – ADA compliance.

  3. Will our ID access all buildings? Yes, if you are supposed to have access to a particular building. What about turnstile access in the 160 building? How will the college make sure potential audience members will be able to attend concerts? What about the problem of utility trucks taking up handicapped parking spaces? Also, piles of snow during the winter taking up handicapped spaces? Jackson asks Andrew for a copy of his presentation.

  4. Andrew also reminded everyone about public safety’s new RAVE guardian app.

  5. Jay updated us on the college’s work on updating the intellectual property policies.

  6. Jackson informed everyone about his discussion with Jay regarding meeting to discuss access and disability services at the college. Wendy made the committee aware that students, faculty, other members of our community, and visitors are having trouble getting into the Counseling Center and the Health and Wellness Center because the buildings do not meet standards for Universal Access. Funding for the Lab Assistant Position at the Assistive Technologies Lab has been lost. Peggy asks that Chi Kim be a part of the discussions next semester. Also, training for faculty to help with student accommodations. Four meetings between the Union Executive Committee and members of the Administration and Staff have been scheduled for the end of January into February to discuss these and other issues of concern.

  7. Is the college planning on hiring more Counselors at the Counseling Center? Jay believes that the college is in the process of hiring several more.

  8. The college has lost its lease of 1260 Boylston.