Minutes from UEC Nomination Meeting

  1. Jeff Perry opened the meeting and explained the election / nomination process and introduced the other members of the election committee, Ayn Inserto, Rob Hochschild, Helen Lewis, and Joel Schwindt.

    Nominations for:

  2. President – Stephanie Kellar, Will Silvio

  3. Secretary/Treasurer – Andrew Shryock

  4. EVP – Todd Gardner, David Scott

  5. VP FT – Andrea “Ani” Johnson, Teodros Kiros, Elizabeth Seitz

  6. VP PT – Wendy Rolfe

  7. Grievance Officer – Prince Charles Alexander

  8. Berklee Professional Education Division Rep. – Peg Codding

  9. Berklee Performance Division Rep. – Dennis Cecere

  10. Berklee Professional Writing and Technology Division Rep. – Michael Abraham

  11. BoCo Theater – Paul Masters

  12. BoCo Music – Marti Epstein, (Kevin Wilson declined to run)

  13. BoCo Dance – Denise Pons-Leone

  14. 6 Councilors at large – Michael Johnson, Stephanie Reich, Utar Artun, Peter Cokkinias, Alicia Bower, (Jeri Sykes and Beth Platow declined to run)

  15. For a candidate’s name to appear on the ballot, the nominee must notify the Election Committee by phone (617-747-8689) or by email (jperry@berklee.edu) by Thursday, April 4, indicating that they accept the nomination.

  16. The Election Committee will notify faculty of all candidates nominated. This notification will be sent by email on or before Tuesday, April 9.

  17. The American Arbitration Association (AAA) will be sending out mail-in ballots (with stamped return envelopes) to home address on or before April 15.

  18. The deadline for mail-in ballots to be considered in the election will be April 30.

  19. Review of nominations, the nominations are now closed.

  20. Ayn Inserto closed the meeting.