Minutes From Union Executive Committee Meeting 9-19-19

Meeting:           Berklee Faculty Union Executive Committee

Date:                September 19, 2019 at 1:00p

In Attendance:  Will Silvio, David Scott, Andrew Shryock, Elizabeth Seitz, Wendy Rolfe, Prince Charles Alexander, Michael Abraham, Dennis Cecere, Marti Epstein, Paul Masters, Denise Pons-Leone, Peter Cokkinias, Michael Johnson, Stephanie Reich, Vanessa Morris

Call to order 1:04p

1. Review of Minutes (Sep. 12, 2019)

SUMMARY:       Action delayed due to confusion over distribution.

2. Appointment to Union Executive Committee

SUMMARY: Will Silvio identified Nicholas Urie (Associate Professor, Harmony and Jazz Composition) as a potential candidate to fill a vacant Councilor position on the Union Executive Committee. Discussion followed.

MOTION:         “Motion to appoint Nicholas Urie to Union Executive Committee in the position of Councilor” (ROLFE)


VOTE:              unanimous approval, motion carries

3. Sick Leave Policy

SUMMARY: On Tuesday, September 17, Union leadership met with College administration regarding newly implemented Sick Leave Policy. Union presented itemized list of concerns, produced in coordination with counsel. College will respond at a later date.

4. Climate justice strike on Sep. 20, 2019

SUMMARY: Use of the term “strike” by event organizers prevents Union from articulating a position on issue. Discussion followed.

5. Department chair evaluations

SUMMARY: This semester, Union will administer to faculty an evaluation of department chairs. Administration wishes to review results, while reiterating that faculty review is not part of the evaluation procedure for department chairs.

6. Access Committee Update

ROLFE summarized recent activity within Campus Accessibility Committee: 

a)     Lawsuit brought against the College concerning admissions procedures, specifically inaccessibility of website;

b)     Health and Wellness Center and Counseling Center will re-locate. New location (161 Mass Ave, Level 4 ) is expected to open before Spring 2020 semester; 

c)      Accessibility of performance spaces – specifically 1140 Boylston, Room 1W – is under review and, where feasible, remediation.

Further discussion of performance space accessibility followed, including a recommendation for possible discussion at a future Union-Management meeting.

7. [confidential topic redacted]

Meeting adjourned 1:50p