Minutes from UEC Nomination Meeting

  1. Neil Olmstead opened the meeting and explained the election / nomination process.  Also on the election committee, Wayne Ward, Libby Allison, Josh Rosen, Dennis LeClaire, and Scott Free. 

    Nominations for:
  2. President – Jackson Schultz
  3. Secretary/Treasurer – Jeff Perry
  4. EVP – Danny Harrington
  5. VP FT – Jonathan Holland
  6. VP PT – Wendy Rolfe
  7. Grievance Officer – Prince Charles Alexander
  8. Education Division Rep. – Peggy Codding
  9. Performance Division Rep. – Dennis Cecere
  10. Writing and Technology Division Rep. #1 – Michael Abraham
  11. Writing and Technology Division Rep. #2 – Marti Epstein
  12. 6 Councilors at large – Peter Cokkinias, Beth Denisch, Rich Grudzinksi, Teodross Kiros, David Scott, Jeri Sykes, Michael Johnson, Margaret McAllister
  13. Thursday, April 11th is the deadline for candidates to notify the Union Office.  The slate will be sent to all faculty on April 11th and the complete list will be sent to all faculty on April 18th. The election will be April 23-24 1-2 and the 25th 1-5?.
  14.  Review of nominations, the nominations are now closed.
  15.  Neil Olmstead closed the meeting