Union notes from Union / Management Meeting

Present – Dennis Cecere, Peter Cokkinias, Marti Epstein, Rich Grudzinski, Danny Harrington, Jonathan Holland, Teodros Kiros, Jeff Perry, Wendy Rolfe, David Scott, Jackson Schultz, and Will Silvio.  

Management – Larry Simpson, Jay Kennedy, Bill Whitney, Mac Hisey, Matt Marvuglio, Darla Hanley, Jeanine Cowan, Chris Connors, Rich Vigdor. Camille Colatosti.

  1. Larry opened the meeting. Questions regarding the August 30th Paycheck. Why were faculty the only group that lost the paycheck? Staff and admin were continued to be paid. 

    Larry – no money was lost for any faculty member.

    Rich – typically the full time faculty are paid in the first paycheck of September. Last Sept, the first paycheck was Sept 1 and the last August 16. We needed to reset the calendar instead of a check on August 30.

    Jackson – I understand all that, why is it that only faculty missed a paycheck?

    Chris/Jeanine – staff received the same amount over 27 paychecks instead of 26. Faculty had the option to receive 27 paychecks, 26, or 20.
  2. 150 accessibility project update: Mac – we will begin construction over the winter break. The noisiest part should be done over the break, but work will continue throughout the year. If we don’t start now, we will have to wait until next winter break. Overall, the work will be spread out, but finally it will be getting underway.

    Jackson – this is good, it is good to get it started, I am glad we kept pushing this.

    Wendy – what about emergency egress from all the different levels in the building?

    Mac – no solution will be perfect, we are continuing to look at all the options.

    Jackson – did Berklee buy the Best Buy building?

    Bill – no, not true.
  3. Jackson – we looked at the 990 tax returns. Can you elaborate on some of the out of country investments?

    Mac – the specific one you are pointing out is an Endowment investment.
  4. 160 update – 16 above floors, we are up to 7. Beginning 4 pm tomorrow we are going to start adjusting the crane to get to the upper levels. Fire protection and plumbing are going into the lower levels. We should be complete and ready to use by the fall semester of 2013.