Minutes from Union Executive Committee Meeting

Present – Michael Abraham, Prince Charles Alexander, Dennis Cecere, Peter Cokkinias, Beth Denisch, Marti Epstein, Rich Grudzinski, Danny Harrington, Jonathan Holland, Teodros Kiros, Jeff Perry, Wendy Rolfe, Jackson Schultz, Will Silvio. 

  1. Jackson opened the meeting. On Monday Jeff and Jackson will be having a meeting with a financial advisor to look at options for making our dues work for us a little more.
  2. The BAFT just sent out an e-mail querying the faculty in regards to any health care issues with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Recently, a letter went out to faculty outlining the new health plan and the options available to faculty. There is a probable change in 2013 with a health care consortium that may give us more options.
  3. Salary re-negotiations are upon us. Dennis has volunteered to crunch the numbers for faculty to see where they fit.
  4. The newsletter is almost complete. Mike Scott is writing an article, Jackson is doing an article, and Jeff has included the budget numbers. We should be complete by Monday, an electronic version will be sent out to all faculty.
  5. An all-faculty meeting has been set for March 8 and a part-time faculty meeting on April 19th.
  6. Jackson has sent an information request to Larry Simpson regarding cancelled classes and their populations at their cancellation, we still have not heard back. A second request that part-time faculty participating with NEASC should be paid their hourly rate because this is service to the college.
  7. Jackson will be meeting with Larry Simpson next week to cover the Instructor Initiated Withdrawal and the possible re-instatement of the policy for performance oriented courses.
  8. Tom Gosnell called in reference to the Greater Boston Labor Council; he is looking for our support and our involvement.
  9. We should look at bringing OSHA in to look at our working conditions: mold, air quality, and overall cleanliness.
  10. Wendy, Peter, Jeff, Danny, Beth, and Jackson are interested in AFTMA.
  11. For the March 1st Union/Management meeting, management will be presenting us with the ADA plans for 150 and going over the 2.5 million shortfall.