Minutes from Union Executive Committee Meeting

Present – Jackson Schultz, Dennis Cecere, Denise Pons-Leone, Elizabeth Seitz, Will Silvio, Margaret McAllister, Peter Cokkinias, David Scott, Danny Harrington, Helen Deborah Lewis, Stephanie Reich, Peggy Codding, Michael Johnson, Andrew Shryock

  1. Danny made a motion to accept the minutes from the previous meeting. Marti seconded and the vote was unanimous to accept the minutes.

  2. Jackson discussed his meeting with Larry regarding the contract language issue. We presented a package in bargaining and they declined it, so they have two options: Get rid of the probationary period or trade it for the 81 teaching units proposal. The group discussed the possible options going forward.

  3. Jackson brought up a Chronicle of Higher Ed article regarding the price per student that goes to fund upper administration salaries.

  4. Jackson read an email from Jeri regarding students with disabilities. Danny gave an update on last week’s discussion on a faculty member dealing with a very challenging disabled student.