Minutes from Union Executive Committee Meeting

Present –Jackson Schultz, Jeri Sykes, Dennis Cecere, Denise Pons-Leone, Wendy Rolfe, Elizabeth Seitz, Will Silvio, Margaret McAllister, Peter Cokkinias, David Scott, Danny Harrington, Helen Deborah Lewis, Stephanie Reich, Peggy Codding, Michael Johnson

  1. Jackson opened the meeting and explained that the college has put language into the contract that we didn’t agree to. We discussed our options. Danny recalls a conversation that happened between himself and the college’s attorney. We should look at how we can use this situation to our advantage. Perhapsthe one-year probationary period could apply to Assistant Professors only. The committee discussed the vetting process.

  2. Jackson asked if anyone would be interested in participating in the college’s working group on sexual harassment.

  3. We discussed proposals for the upcoming BTOT sessions.

  4. There are concerns regarding the current chair searches as they are being held up due to background checks.

  5. We discussed the voice department policy on proficiencies during finals week.

  6. We would like to contact HR regarding open enrollment and BOCO faculty.

  7. A faculty member has concerns about communications with TransAmerica and the college regarding the defined benefit plan.