Minutes from Union Executive Committee Meeting

Present – Michael Abraham, Prince Charles Alexander, Dennis Cecere, Peggy Codding, Peter Cokkinias, Beth Denisch, Marti Epstein, Rich Grudzinski, Danny Harrington, Jonathan Holland, Teodros Kiros, Jeff Perry, Wendy Rolfe, Jackson Schultz, Will Silvio and Jeri Sykes.

  1. Danny made a motion to accept the minutes from the previous meeting. Peter seconded and the vote was unanimous to accept the minutes.
  2. We discussed the comprehensive enrollment strategy – there is a survey on faculty/staff news.
  3. Update on the chair contract issue; starting in 2018 all chairs will be on one-year contracts. We sent a message and they listened to what we had to say – administration was surprised by our unity in action.
  4. Elections – AAA will handle again, we are going to investigate an on-line election.
  5. We discussed the college closings and when they make the decision. Once there is a parking ban we should be closed. Waiting affects people commuting from NYC, etc.
  6. ACI – advising and content. The content has lessoned and the advising is happening during class, the result: PT – fewer paid office hours for advising.
  7. Graduate Program Bargaining update. Music Therapy major no longer has the symposiums at the beginning and the end of the program. The reasoning is that management thinks it is too much to make students to come for a week at the beginning and the end of the program – looks like it’s going to be all on-line. Management seems to be quite disorganized through the entire process and will put together teaching scenarios to address our issues.