Union notes from Union / Management Meeting

Present – Prince Charles Alexander, Michael Abraham, Dennis Cecere, Peggy Codding, Peter Cokkinias, Danny Harrington, Margaret McAllister, Jeff Perry, Wendy Rolfe, David Scott, Jackson Schultz. 

Management – Larry Simpson, Jay Kennedy, Kari Juusela, Darla Hanley, Alan Chase, Bill Whitney, Mac Hisey, Jeanine Cowan, Camille Colatosti, Sara Tomasetti, Roy Murphy, Nadine Taylor-Miller, Captain Mark Louney.

1.     Larry opened the meeting.

2.     Roy Murphy gave a Public Safety update. We have two sworn officers now and we are headed up to 15. We also have a vehicle. These officers are trained as any other Mass. State Police Officer. Many updates will be following in Faculty/Staff news including a recurring podcast. Next week: a panel event with Boston Police, MBTA, and Public Safety, meet and greet in the Steve Heck Room, and a few others that will be in F/S news. The main focus has been choosing people that are appropriate for this environment and building a connection with the Boston Police Department and the community. We have a draft of an Emergency Management plan and will be hiring an Emergency Management Manager.

We discussed the upcoming Marathon and increased security. Info will be sent out to all.

We discussed the homeless population around campus.

Our officers will not have deadly force but will have pepper spray, batons, and cuffs.

3.     150 Mass Ave Renovation Update – Bill Whitney. Vacated space in the former dining hall, upgrade classrooms, ensemble rooms, student spaces, etc. Some rooms will need to be re-numbered … some new and some old rooms. Some classrooms will be coming on-line for the summer; we anticipate the new front to 150 by fall.

4.     Faculty Evaluation of Chairs and Assistant Chairs – the Union will be doing an electronic survey that will be completely anonymous. Once we collect the info we will share with the administration.